Protect and disinfect your home in a healthy and safe way
with Bio-X® range of eco-friendly products.

Harsh toxins are not needed to keep your home and environment protected from viruses, bacteria and pests.
Our products provide a more effective and lasting protection, using natural formulations that are boosted by natural plants extracts.


Bio-X® Kleanze Air Lavender (240ml)

Multi-functional Disinfectant Specially Formulated for Humidifier Application […]


Bio-X® Kleanze+ 200ml

“Multi-Functional Disinfectant & Insect Repellent Without Irritation” […]


Bio-X® 3-in-1 Aerosol 600ml

“Total Protection Without Compromising Your Health and Environment” […]


Bio-X® 3-in-1 VOC free 300ml Lavender fragrance

“In Harmony With Nature” […]


Bio-X® Eden Plus 500ml

Extra Strength “For Indoor & Outdoor Plants & Flowers” […]



Hear what our customers have to say about Bio-X® products.

My family has been using Bio-X® product for the past six years. They said not only does Bio-X® products smell pleasant, it also serves as disinfecting agent that helps kill harmful bacteria and germs on surfaces.

Personally, I am using Bio-X® Eden for my plants right now, after searching for an organic, non toxic plant supplement online. Ever since I started using the product, I have seen reduction in pest infestation, and my plants have been growing strong and well.

Marcus Teo,
Bank Relationship Manager
I was delighted to chance upon Bio-X® many years ago. This multi-functional, eco-friendly product is powerful in eliminating harmful elements, yet gentle enough for my pets and my surroundings. I use it in my home, such as litter box, cushions, and even my kitchen top before I knead my favourite pasta dough. It is also enlightening to know that Bio-X® is an pro-environment company with great values, and I feel assured turning to Bio-X® to keep my family and friends safe in times of pandemic.

Jeanette Kong,
Account Manager
“14 times safer than salt” was the statement that jumped at me, when I was first introduced to the product. When I started using the product on many of my fabric-based furnishings, such as carpets, sofa and curtains, I grew to appreciate Bio-X® promise of safe and stain-free formulation. It leaves a refreshing and non-sticky feel on the areas I have sprayed on, and it is effective in keeping insects out so far. I have tried a few products and I have used it in my house and car. My favourite for now is the 3-in-1 Handspray, as it is versatile and easy to use.

Ling Lee Sze,
Freelance Designer and Stay-at-Home Mum

In Harmony with Nature

  • Purer Air Quality

    Does not contribute to "sick house" syndrome

  • Water-Based Formulation

    Ecologically Balanced

  • Biodegradable

    Environmentally Friendly