About Bio Vectrol

Bio Vectrol Singapore Pte Ltd was established with Okada Ecotech Pte Ltd to research, develop, manufacture, market and distribute a range of new-generation insect control and agro-plant enhancers.

We are a socially-responsible company tasked with the application of biotechnology to develop environmentally friendly crop protection and pest control products.

Our range of products, such as plant-growth promoters and insecticides, are formulated using organic natural plant extracts such as pine and neem. We offer the best natural solutions that modern science can offer to help protect our environment.

Our Mission

To be a socially responsible company, applying the latest biotechnology to develop environmentally friendly crop protection and pest control products.

To offer the best natural solutions that modern science can offer to help protect the environment.

To develop, manufacture and market formulated products that low- or non- toxic to mammals, avian and aquatic wildlife, as well as environmental-friendly and ecology-balanced.

Enviromental Policy

Our research, manufacturing and marketing activities are to be carried out in a manner which demonstrates responsibility for the environment, and care for our earth and its people.

We Are committed to:

  • Continually research and develop products for agricultural and public health applications that are not only environmentally friendly, but also ecology balanced;
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations;
  • Preventing pollution in all our activities and operations;
  • Working with the community and government agencies to enhance environmental awareness and protection;
  • Striving for continual improvement in overall environmental performance


Hear what our customers have to say about Bio-X® products.

My family has been using Bio-X® product for the past six years. They said not only does Bio-X® products smell pleasant, it also serves as disinfecting agent that helps kill harmful bacteria and germs on surfaces.

Personally, I am using Bio-X® Eden for my plants right now, after searching for an organic, non toxic plant supplement online. Ever since I started using the product, I have seen reduction in pest infestation, and my plants have been growing strong and well.

Marcus Teo,
Bank Relationship Manager
I was delighted to chance upon Bio-X® many years ago. This multi-functional, eco-friendly product is powerful in eliminating harmful elements, yet gentle enough for my pets and my surroundings. I use it in my home, such as litter box, cushions, and even my kitchen top before I knead my favourite pasta dough. It is also enlightening to know that Bio-X® is an pro-environment company with great values, and I feel assured turning to Bio-X® to keep my family and friends safe in times of pandemic.

Jeanette Kong,
Account Manager
“14 times safer than salt” was the statement that jumped at me, when I was first introduced to the product. When I started using the product on many of my fabric-based furnishings, such as carpets, sofa and curtains, I grew to appreciate Bio-X® promise of safe and stain-free formulation. It leaves a refreshing and non-sticky feel on the areas I have sprayed on, and it is effective in keeping insects out so far. I have tried a few products and I have used it in my house and car. My favourite for now is the 3-in-1 Handspray, as it is versatile and easy to use.

Ling Lee Sze,
Freelance Designer and Stay-at-Home Mum

In Harmony with Nature

  • Purer Air Quality

    Does not contribute to "sick house" syndrome

  • Water-Based Formulation

    Ecologically Balanced

  • Biodegradable

    Environmentally Friendly